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Mark V Evolution Armor (Legends Series)

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markvevolutionarmor-t.jpg Mark V Evolution Armor (Legends Series) : 653569605874 Price: $38.99
This version of the Mark IV armor was designed with specialized panels to absorb and focus ambient light. It can draw energy from even the faintest light, and focus that energy into devastating laser beams capable of cutting through steel. With no obvious weapons, this suit is often underestimated by enemies, at least until the first blinding flash of laser fire.

The MARK IV EVOLUTION ARMOR doesn't come with weapons, but don't let that fool you - its armor is a weapon all by itself! Your enemies will underestimate him until his armor's special "laser fire" lets them know he's a force they can't handle. His interchangeable hands put you in charge of how he can fight! Get ready for one successful mission after another!

Figure is 6" scale and comes with "storage case" and 4 replacement hands.