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Juggernaut Attacks 4-Pack (Super Hero Squad) - Reviews

Juggernaut Attacks 4-Pack (Super Hero Squad)

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juggernautattacks4pack-shs-t.jpg Juggernaut Attacks 4-Pack (Super Hero Squad) : 653569317692 Price: $134.99
The Uncanny X-Men have battles some tough customers before, but no one is as tough as the Juggernaut! As long as he keeps moving, no force on Earth can stop him, or even hurt him. Heís a living tank, a walking force of destruction, and itís going to take every bit of teamwork and skill the x-Men have to bring him down.

Chunky, stylized character figures includes four memorable Marvel Super Heroes: Gambit, Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Juggernaut.