Starscream Movie Voyager
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Starscream (Movie Voyager)

gray stars
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Leading the hunt for the AllSpark during the absence of MEGATRON on Earth has given STARSCREAM a taste for command. He has experienced firsthand the brutality that allows MEGATRON to maintain control over his DECEPTICON legions. It is a style of leadership that STARSCREAM takes to with gusto, punishing disobedience without mercy and rewarding success only with a narrowed eye and threatening gesture. He craves ultimate control, and looks forward to the day when MEGATRON makes the mistake that allows STARSCREAM the opportunity to slip a jagged shard of steel between his processor clusters.

Change this DECEPTICON figure from robot mode to F-22 Raptor jet mode and back again! Chase down enemies with the firing missile launchers in jet mode that attach to the robotís arms in robot mode!