Cargo Truck
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Cargo Truck

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Leaping from horseback, Indy hijacks this cargo truck as the Germans attempt to transport the Ark out of Egypt. While driving, Indy defeats several German soldiers on board, but is eventually shot and ejected through the windshield. He clutches onto the truck’s grill, but as the bars break away, they push him under the chassis. Using his whip to stay connected, Indy is dragged along coarse terrain at lethal speed. Still, he manages to pull himself back on board and regain control of the cab, ultimately regaining the Ark and escaping an Egyptian marketplace.

Take Indiana Jones (figures sold separately) on a wild ride that mimics the thrilling movie scene! Amazing action vehicle features include a “break-through’ windshield and break-away grille that pushes a figure under the truck! A whip drags the figure back and hand grips and footholds keep the figure attached.