V-Wing Starfighter 30th Anniversary Star Wars vehicle
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V-Wing Starfighter (30th Anniversary)

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The V-Wing fighter gives clone troopers a nimble, responsive craft that can keep up with the agile Jedi Starfighters and hold its own in a dogfight against droid fighters. The wings open in a “v” shape that enhances maneuverability and speed. Two pairs of cannons put ample firepower at the fingertips of the pilot. V-wing fighters escort Palpatine’s ship during the Emperor’s solemn journey to retrieve Darth Vader, who was critically wounded after his shattering battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi on Mustafar.

Rule the galaxy with this clone trooper vehicle. Featuring spring-open wings, an opening canopy, firing “laser” cannons and extendable landing gear, this is one awesome vehicle for your collection! Vehicle comes with missiles, labels and instructions.