10 inch Hero Power Captain America First Avenger action figure

10" Hero Power Captain America

gray stars
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When young Steve Rogers became CAPTAIN AMERICA, he gained amazing, acrobatic combat abilities. With his indestructible shield strapped to his arm, he charges into battle against his foes! Your electronic CAPTAIN AMERICA figure is ready to take on whatever evil forces come his way! When villains approach, activate his lights, battle sounds and phrases like, "Let's take them down!" His shining shield star and glowing grapple launcher give the bad guys just a taste of what they're in for. Attach his shield to his back, and then launch his grappling hook to grab his enemies and bring them right to where he wants them. Even when you're surrounded, you and your CAPTAIN AMERICA figure can battle your way to victory! Figure is 10" scale and comes with accessories and launching grappling hook! Includes 2 "AAA" batteries.