Anakin Skywalker Figure 12 Inch Star Wars Attack Clones

12" Anakin Skywalker (Attack Of The Clones)

12" Anakin Skywalker (Attack Of The Clones)
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It has been ten years since young Anakin Skywalker left his desert home to begin training as a Jedi apprentice. Under the mentorship of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin has become a confident, headstrong 19-year-old with an impulsive nature and a flair for adventure. Includes Lightsaber!

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12" Anakin Skywalker (Attack Of The Clones)
Great figure!
I waited 9 years to get my hands on this figure. Now that I finally did, can't get enough of it! The clothing is superb, the real Padawan hair is cool, and the lightsaber is well crafted. It doesn't look a whole lot like Hayden Christensen, but I don't really care. Long story short: Amazing figure!!