12 inch Destro, Valor vs Venom

12" Destro (Valor vs. Venom)

gray stars
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Destro is the chief weapons supplier to the Cobra organization, and a man of raging inner conflicts. Although he finds the aims and methods of Cobra Commander to be distasteful, he is obligated to deal with him for the sake of family business. His utter hatred for GI Joe and all it stands for, masterful in command and cool in the face of danger, Destro, the man in the steel mask, is one of the most formidable foes the GI Joe team has ever faced. A brilliant and innovative tactician who is skilled in most armed and unarmed martial disciplines, he is just as effective on the front line of combat as he is in the planning room. Includes figure, pants, boots, belt, Cobra medallion, machine gun, shield, shield clip, projectile, and knife.