Ahsoka Tano to Jedi Starfighter Transformers Crossovers Action Figure

Ahsoka Tano to Jedi Starfighter (Transformers Crossovers)

gray stars
Ahsoka Tano pilots a starfighter on a secret mission during the Clone Wars. The young Padawan arrives at a remote planet where a droid factory is building hundreds of new battle droids. Ahsoka changes her starfighter into a powerful mech that demolishes the factory and the droids!

This warrior figure is twice the trouble for the enemies that try to take her on! In mech mode, your Ahsoka Tano figure has the battle armor to fight any foe—plus lightsabers to take on any foe in hand-to-hand combat. When it’s time to chase down her fleeing opponents, convert her to Jedi Starfighter vehicle mode to “soar” in hot pursuit and launch the lightsabers as projectiles from the “skies”!

Figure comes with two launching projectile lightsaber accessories.

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