Anakin Skywalker Y-Wing Bomber Transformers Crossovers

Anakin Skywalker to Y-Wing Bomber (Transformers Crossovers)

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Anakin flies a Y-wing bomber to capture Cad Bane, the bounty hunter who invaded the Senate building and escaped with important information and hostages. Bane morphs his ship into an enormous mech an blasts Anakin with missiles, but the Jedi is ready: he also converts his Y-wing into a huge mech loaded with firepower!

This warrior figure is twice the trouble for the enemies that try to take him on! In mech mode, your Anakin Skywalker figure has the battle armor to fight any foe. When it's time to chase down his fleeing opponents, convert him to Y-Wing Bomber vehicle mode to "soar" in hot pursuit and launch his projectile accessory from the "skies"!

Figure comes with projectile accessory.

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