Armored Panther Sgt Thunderblast, Rise Cobra action figure

Armored Panther with Sgt. Thunderblast (The Rise of Cobra)

gray stars
"G.I. JOE ARMORED PANTHER tanks support the convoy that is protecting highly classified nanomite weapon prototypes. These light tanks are equipped with Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) and are built for speed and maneuverability, when brawn and power are less important than flexible, fast-strike capability. SGT. THUNDERBLAST is an expert in artillery, and gets explosive results!

G.I. JOE ARMORED PANTHER tanks are built for speed and fast-strike action! This ARMORED PANTHER vehicle features elevating cannons on a rotating turret and simulated treads with free-rolling wheels. Vehicle comes with SGT. THUNDERBLAST action figure."

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