BATMAN (Classic TV Series) action figures

Batman (Classic TV Series)
Kapow! The debonair millionaire Bruce Wayne may seem like your average cool cat, but you would be wrong! With the flip of a Shakespeare head and... to the Batcave! Gotham City is filled with a rogue's gallery of criminals eager to unmask the Batman, but they are thwarted by the caped crusader's own clever ways.

6" tall. Includes collector card and display stand.

Batmobile (Batman Classic TV Series)
Batman and Robin have many gadgets in their arsenal, but none more hi-tech and stylish than the Batmobile - ready to power on with the touch of a button. When the Dynamic Duo find themselves faced with imminent danger, laser beams, magnets, and a parachute jettison button become quite useful. And there's no need to worry about villainous takeovers, good citizen, the anti-theft activator is all the Caped Crusader needs to protect his invaluable vehicle.

1st Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile that fits 6" figures.

18" long.

Catwoman (Batman Classic TV Series)
This cunning cat is always top dog! Catwoman is the most purrsistent cat burglar in Gotham City - with the purrfect crime to get Batman in her claws before her afternoon cat nap. Conniving and clever, she develops her evil plans in her cat lair, with a terrible trio of tabby thugs in tow. Isn't she just the cat's meow!

6" tall.

The Penguin (Batman Classic TV Series)
$25.99 $34.99
That feathered fiend The Penguin is at it again! But never trust a red herring, if something seems fishy, the monocle-wearing mayhem-maker will have something to do with it. With tricky umbrella weapons, the greedy, cold-blooded villain gives the Batman a run for his money.

6" tall Penguin includes collector card and display base.

The Riddler (Batman Classic TV Series)
$32.99 $42.99
The Riddler - you fiend! The confounding, clever criminal known as The Riddler is Batman and Robin's trickiest villain. Sending enigmatic clues to the Dynamic Duo, The Riddler subsequently leads them into an inevitable trap, but never fear - The Batman always outwits the mysterious madman!

6" tall Riddler includes collector card and display base.

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