Batmobile 2-Pack Hot Wheels 1-64th scale

Batmobile 2-Pack (Hot Wheels 1:64th scale)

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"The Batmobile created for the Warner Bros. Blockbuster, Batman Forever, amazed audiences with a revolutionary design full of surprises. Revealing its monstrous engine through portals in the hood and chassis, the vehicle's three-winged aerodynamic design offered both speed and intimidation on the street. The car's impressive arsenal of rocket-launchers, jet thrusters and even wall-climbing traction offered Batman plenty of firepower to take down super-villains Two-Face and The Riddler in a battle for control over Gotham City!

The Batmobile re-emerged int he 1997 Warner Bros. Film, Batman & Robin, as a streamlined version of its predecessor, capable of delivering explosive speed in action-packed style. Reconfigured to house the driver in a single-seat cockpit, the vehicle's two-wing design pushed its speed capabilities to the max, while ensuring Batman's pursuits were undetected by his foes. The Batmobile's unbeatable performance out-matched even his arch-rival Mr. Freeze, who's cold-blooded attempts to destroy Batman eventually came to a bitter end!

Limited edition run of 15,000 for the adult collector."

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