Battle in New York 2-Pack Incredible Hulk vs Abomination

Battle In New York 2-Pack (The Incredible Hulk vs. Abomination)

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Bombarded with gamma radiation, Emil Blonsky mutates into the hideous creature known as the Abomination. Smashing out of the building in which his horrible metamorphosis occurred, he plunges through the city streets, destroying everything in his path. The only creature with even the slightest hope of stopping him is The Incredible Hulk, who is himself a raging force of destruction. Their battle tears through the city, wreaking untold damage, crushing cars, shattering streets, blowing apart the foundations of buildings. As the two titans struggle, the assembled citizens and military are helpless to do anything but watch, and hope that whichever creature wins this fight will be too exhausted to continue the rampage. Each are 6" scale.
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