Black Costume Spider-Man Figure Marvel Legends Unleashed

Black Costume Spider-Man (Marvel Legends Unleashed)

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Spirited away to an alien world to fight for his life against the worst villains Earth has to offer, Spider-Man found himself tested to the limit. His costume shredded after a cataclysmic battle, he lucked out in acquiring some new threads from a strange costume-creating device. With his powers enhanced and his supply of webbing seemingly unlimited, he came through unscathed and returned to Earth to find a familiar old crew of enemies waiting. Doctor Octopus was also on that alien world, and had learned much, all of which he intended to apply to destroying the web-slinger.

Collectible, black-suited Spider-Man figure is the ultimate in posable detail. Bring the notorious web-slinger to "life" with 30 points of articulation. Use the figure’s interlocking base to connect to other Marvel Legends Unleashed figures (each sold separately) and reconstruct some of the most epic battles from your favorite comics!

8" tall.

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