Burning Gundam Wing Mobile Horse red box action figures

Burning Gundam & Mobile Horse (red box)

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Mobile Fighter Burning Gundam
Burning Gundam is Neo Japan's newest mobile fighter. Created for the final round of the 13th Gundam Fight Tournament, this powerful machine can shift into hyper mode and perform the devastating Burning Finger Attack, which can burn the entire body of any enemy mobile fighter with hyper heat. It's power gives Neo Japan's martial artist Domon Kasshu a vital edge as he enters the final duel against the Dark Gundam.

Mobile Horse Fuun-Saiki
This unique support device is used by the sinister Master Gundam which is piloted by Domon's former mentor, legendary martial artist Master Asia. This mobile horse is itself controlled by a real horse, whose movements are duplicated by the same Mobile Trace System used by the human Gundam Fighters. After the final clash between the Burning Gundam and Master Gundam, Master Asia passes Fuun Saiki onto Domon. Now Domon must stop the Dark Gundam and rescue Rain Mikamura. During the final battle to save the world, Burning Gundam uses Fuun Saiki to fly into space and charge into the huge mutated body of the Dark Gundam.

Burning Gundam shifts into hyper mode and rides on Mobile Horse.

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