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Cable (Marvel Legends, series VI)

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Nathan Summers has traveled back in time to prevent a future war between man and mutant. Ths soldier called Cable uses his mutant abilities to fight for a better tomorrow - and seeks his own fate as a man out of time! A telepathic and telekinetic mutant, Cable's physical attributes have been enhanced to superhuman levels. Although his telekinesis allows him to levitate objects and erect protective force shields, he must turn the majority of his energies inward to prevent the techno-organic virus with which he is infected from ravaging the remainder of his body. Cable's techno-organic left arm and shoulder possess even greater strength than his entirely organic right appendage. Similarly, his right eye enables him to see into the infrared spectrum. Features 43 points of articulation and includes a 32 page comic book & wall mountable display stand. 6" scale.
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