Captain America Shield Assault 4X4 with Launching Missile

Shield Assault 4X4

gray stars
"Nimble and tough, the Shield Assault 4x4 takes Captain America into areas other 4x4's simply cannot go. Its battle cannon allows Captain America to punch through even the most hardened enemy bunker. No matter where the members of Hydra hide, Captain America has the vehicle and the firepower to strike a devastating blow.

Head straight into the heart of danger with this Shield Assault 4x4 vehicle! Its roll cage and front grill help protect it from battle damage, even when you send it into the toughest combat conditions. Mount the shield to the vehicle and then get ready for action: ""drive"" it toward enemies and launch the missile to attack! There's no battle this vehicle can't help you win! Includes 4"" scale Captain America figure."

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