Clark Kent Superman Action Figure Secret Files Unmasked Series 2 DC Direct

Clark Kent / Superman (Secret Files: Unmasked!: Series 2)

Clark Kent / Superman (Secret Files: Unmasked!: Series 2)
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"Ace reporter Clark Kent stands ready to reveal his fearless identity, Superman! This figure features multiple points of articulation a display base, a removable shirt front, and character-dedicated accessories. 6"" tall."
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Clark Kent / Superman (Secret Files: Unmasked!: Series 2)
Clark Kent/Superman Unmasked Figure
I love the accessories on this figure because it is definitely an accurate representation of Superman's alter ego Clark Kent with his snap on tie and shirt as well as his glasses. I like the fact that this dual character version of Superman/Clark Kent switches from Clark to Superman rather then vice versa like most of the other dual character figures of Superman where the default figure is Superman and it just has Clark Kent snap on pieces, but this figure is a default Clark Kent figure with snap on tie shirt as well as glasses and when taken off represent the iconic image of Clark Kent ripping off his shirt to reveal the Superman "S" logo as portrayed on many movie covers as well as iconic images of the character. The price-tag of this figure is a little hefty at 69.99 but it is market value you won't find it anywhere else for cheaper, but it was well worth it for a great figure.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)