Christine Keegan from Braintree, MA writes:
Dear John Thank you-Thank you- Thank you. The package arrived yesterday and it is exactly what I was looking for. Your patience and effort to get this product are greatly appreciated. This is a gift for my son who simply loves the Luna Ghost and Scooby-Doo. The smile on his face and the thanks he expressed were unforgettable. Thank you again for such great service.

Vann Ou from Long Beach, CA writes:
Go Figure! You guys rock! I was very pleased with the expedited shipping service and the excellent condition the figure was in upon receipt! Thank you John "Winter Soldier" Perez for an outstanding service and I'm looking forward to making future purchases!

Jim Higgins from Lindsay, Ontario, Canada writes:

Aaron Wendell from Allentown, PA writes:
Outstanding products, outstanding service & very professional. I was very impressed with the quality of service I received and even got a bonus figure although I was not promised it, so two thumbs up!

Tammy Key Reh from Houston, TX writes:
Dear Mr. Perez and Staff: Let me begin with saying that I am a manager and troubleshooter of business from way back. In other words, when you get a compliment out of me it is saying a lot. Anyway, I was very impressed by your expedient service. Your web site didn't give an approximate length of time to allow for shipping. However, asking what date I may need it by, I thought it a little strange. I was delayed in placing my order, but knew it was my Son's #1 item on his wish list for his birthday. I caught myself and placed the order anyway. YOU SAVED ME AND MADE HIS BIRTHDAY THE GREATEST. THANK YOU. I don't believe either of us expected such an impressive toy, but it did the trick. I will keep you in mind for future toys and recommend you to others. Again, your service was absolutely exceptional. The toys is super awesome. Thanks again for helping to make a birthday super special for a little boy who well deserved it. LOL and it even came with batteries. Sincerely, Tammy Key Reh

Jennifer Davis from West Jordan, UT writes:
Dear John, we received our order today and I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your assistance and the excellent customer service you've provided on this transaction. I couldn't be more pleased! Thanks again, Jennifer Davis

Jill Kagley from Greenwood, SC writes:
Hi John, just wanted to let you know, Cade loved his spider-man and says that one is just like his old one! Yea! Thanks so much for all the help! You guys are the best! You made my Christmas....awesome! Take care and God bless, Jill.

Patrick Lawson from Battle Creek, MI writes:
Hi there, I ordered a Marvel Legends Icons Spider-Man figure on 7/8/08. I never received a tracking email so I emailed you guys and asked. I was told that there was a miscount on the figure, and that you would be receiving more any day now, and that I would receive an email when my order was dispatched. I did indeed receive that email the other day, and I received the figure in the mail yesterday. I just wanted to thank you for remembering my order. I really appreciate it. That's good customer service!

Asa Chung from San Francisco, CA writes:
Attention: John D Perez, I am a very recent new customer of Go Figure and I wanted to let you know that I am entirely and fully satisfied with my purchase and your speedy service. I ordered the Unmasked Secret Files, Series 2 action figure of Bruce Wayne/Batman (a very rare and demanded item for all us Batman fans and purchased it at a very reasonable/affordable price) on a Tuesday, June 17th , and I received it on a Friday, June 20th! I have never received an item faster than this order from Go Figure!! WOW! Props to Go Figure! In addition, I received correspondence from you PROMPTLY as you shipped the item within 24hrs of my order - another great quality of your customer service. I am going to make Go Figure one of my primary sources as I search for hard to find collectibles and excellent customer service! Thanks again John! It's hard to find great products and even greater service these days! Sincerely, A Very Satisfied Customer!

Chris from Illinois writes:
John, in this very hectic time of the year, I just wanted to say thank you. As I said earlier, I have been purchasing from your company for a long time now, and you have truly been able to make my children's wishes come true, from rare Scooby Doo action figures to rare Justice League and Marvel. And now also the elusive Daphne Barbie doll that will replace a broke one. Happy Holidays to you and yours also, and I'm sure we'll be in contact again come next December! Sincerely, Chris

Natalie Perkins from Iowa writes:
Hey GFAF! I just wanted to say thank you so much for the great service! I have to be honest, I'm always a little leary of little unknown shops online and I had a teeny bit of doubt when I ordered, but sure enough today, 3 days after I ordered, the doorbell rang and the mail guy made the delivery. Another awesome thing, I think this Marvel 3D Match Up Game is somewhat a limited collection--super hard to find, sold out on Amazon, and on auctions it's a really popular find and sells for more ( I saw one go for 30 dollars with 8 dollars shipping!) I feel really lucky that I found your website and bought the game while you still had it :) We'll have to treat this game really nice in case it becomes even more valuable in years to come. My son's a total Spiderman / Hulk / Silver Surfer MEGA fan (he's 4) he's going to really flip when he gets this game for his b-day on the 23rd :D Thanks so much again!! I'm really happy I shopped with you and we'll keep you in mind for other Marvel characters in the future.
All the best! Natalie ~ Iowa

Amy Rivas from Lombard, IL writes:
I just wanted to thank you guys for the Darth Vader Head, it made my son's Christmas. He walks all around with it and it is bigger than he is. Thanks again, your thoughtfulness is appreciated. Hope to do business again soon. Sincerely, Amy Rivas.

Colin Fletcher from Great Britain writes:
Hi there, just to confirm that yesterday we received the order as advised below. I would just like to say how delighted and impressed both my wife and I were with the speed and quality of the service you have provided. It has been easier to conduct business with you in the states than it has in the UK. I know my little boy will be absolutely delighted to receive these gifts on Christmas day. A huge thank you again for fabulous service. Merry Christmas to you all. Kind regards, Colin.

Gloria Ruggeri from Staten Island, NY writes:
Hi, I recently placed an order with you for Lord of the Rings Action figures. I was both surprised and pleased by the speed and professionalism of your service. I got the things I ordered and I got them in such a timely fashion that I was shocked. Everything was in good condition and arrived fine. Last year, I ordered action figures from a different company and it was a disaster. I was sent the wrong things, my emails were not responded to and at the last minute they decided to tell me something was no longer in stock long after they had sent me a confirmation saying it was in stock. Needless to say, I wasn't able to give the gifts as intended for Christmas and I ended up having to let my credit card company deal with them in order to get the money due back to me. Therefore, it was a very pleasant surprise to find your company and be treated so well. Thank you very much for making some of my holiday shopping go so smoothly. I will certainly come to you first when I need action figures. Sincerely, Gloria Ruggeri.

Xavier from Ellicott City, MD writes:
Dear Go Figure, I recently ordered an action figure from your web site and not only was I surprised by the promptness of the service, but also by the professionalism shown in getting the order out. What I really liked about the service is that I could actually track the status of the order from when it was picked up from your facilities all the way until it was delivered. I want you to congratulate you for the excellent service, equaling and maybe even better than Amazonīs, and to letting you know that I have put your website in my preferred site list for any future purchases. Many thanks and Regards, Xavier.

Mr Adam William Nisbett ( from Nelson, New Zealand writes:
Dear sir/madam, I recently purchased a figure from your website and I wish to thank you for your quick service and reasonable prices. I had previously been buying my figures from and since I live in New Zealand, the shipping cost was stacking up and making my orders costly and expensive. These orders also took great amounts of time to arrive. Upon ordering at your website I found a cheaper and more efficient option for buying figures. Needless to say, I will be ordering again from your website. Thanks Go Figure!!!!!

Jennifer Lowrey ( from Nottingham, PA writes:
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I have ordered from your company 2 times and think you guys are great! Thank you so much for the super fast processing and shipping. I will only buy action figures from your site now. Keep up the great work!

Chris Colfer ( from Clovis, CA writes:
Let me just tell you how happy I am with Go Figure Toys. It is not only one of my favorite shopping spots, but one of my favorite websites in general. I am always pleased with the quality and the value that my purchases come with. I always make sure to tell my friends and family about Go Figure. One of the best things I feel your site has is the great deals it gives when it puts items on sale. Sincerely, Chris Colfer (A Happy Customer).

Al Orton ( from Camden, SC writes:
Dear Gentlemen, thank you for your prompt shipping and keeping me advised of the status of my order. I ordered this particular action figure from you because of price; and on the same day ordered another needed figure from a "major" website, was rerouted to a "web store" to handle the order. We'll just say there were complications with my order and I hope to receive it soon. In comparison, I'm very happy to have found your website, and couldn't be more pleased with your services. Thank you, sincerely.

Bryan Schuster ( from Wyomissing, PA writes:
I just wanted to write a quick note saying how impressed I am with your web site. I made an order on Sunday and requested it be here by Thursday, and not only did you have it in stock but got it to me by Wednesday. That was truly amazing and helped me out of a major jam. I will be sure to refer everyone to your great site. Thank you very very much!

Sandi Howe ( from Orem, UT writes:
Thank you very much for your prompt delivery of my action figures. They were exactly as described on the web site, and arrived days before I expected them to. Your customer service and responses to inquiries were excellent, and I will certainly buy from you again.

Kathy Cimarolli ( from Edwardsville, IL writes:
I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for the speedy delivery of my recent order. Sometimes ordering from the internet from an unfamiliar site makes me a bit nervous, but after receiving your package, with a receipt enclosed, in such a quick manner made me feel very comfortable about ordering from you in the future. I ordered the elusive Doc Ock figure from the Spiderman collection. Thanks for making a 7 year old boy VERY happy on Christmas morning!!!

Jack Chandler ( from Cedar Park, TX writes:
Hey, I just wanted to let you guys know that I got my package today. It's in top-condition, and you were very expedient on getting it to me. I really appreciate it, and can't get over how awesome your service is. Thank You.

Andrew Armstrong ( from Mechanicsburg, PA writes:
Thank you so much for the super fast shipping and the great selection to choose from! I received the package today of the Scooby-Doo items I purchased for my son's birthday!! He will absolutely love them!! I can't thank you enough! I hope to do business again real soon!! Sincerely yours, Andrew Armstrong.

Simon Maglica ( from Australia writes:
I received the Captain McCallister today and just wanted to say thank you for your professionalism and the speed at which I received my order. You would not believe how hard it has been to order certain items from the States. I had almost lost faith. Thank you, Simon.

Chris Connell ( from Ft. Lauderdale, FL writes:
Hi! This is Chris Connell. I just wanted to let you know that I received my action figures in the mail today. They look great. I can't wait until you guys get in THE HULK MOVIE SERIES 4. My wife will be thrilled at her new STRIDER figure. She's a big LOTR'S fan. Well that's it from here. Again, thanks for making this "big kid" happy. Take care and talk to you soon.

Lee Miller (LEEMILLER@PDIELECTRICAL.FREESERVE.CO.UK) from the United Kingdom writes:
Just to say thank you for your help. I collect many action figures back in the UK and have many dealings with British distributors, but their service in not as efficient as yours. So I will most definitely be dealing with you again and will also recommend you to others. Cheers, Lee.

Mark Fortney ( from San Francisco, CA writes:
Hey, just wanted to drop a line to thank you guys for the excellent service, over and over. I've ordered several figures and it always shocks me at how darn quick you all are. The packaging is always in excellent condition, and those hard to find figures aren't that hard to find with you guys. You've definitely got a loyal and repeat customer with me. Now, if only you could get your hands on that darn Twilight Frodo figure from The Lord Of The Rings.....Thanks again keep up the awesome work.

George Cunningham ( from Bronx, NY writes:
Hi, I'm just taking a few minutes to let you know that I have already received my Batman-Shadow Wing action figure from the Dark Knight Collection. My father bought this action figure for me back in the time the first Batman movie came out. I took so much care of it that it came to a point that I didn't know where I placed it!! I was so upset with my not being able to find it...then, I came across your web site and you truly brought me back the magic of those years. Thanks a lot!

Grandma & Grandpa Fent ( from Tulsa, OK writes:
Hi Go Figure, just wanted to take time out to thank you for your business attitude in this matter of finding Spiderman - fast and honorable service you provide - excellent delivery time - complete with your business card, our receipt for credit card and your company receipt. I didn't think business like this existed anymore. You made Grandpa's little pal the happiest little guy in the world. We thank you and wish you the very best in the future.

Andy Ascough ( from Sydney, Australia writes:
Just received my order thanks for the prompt service and the quality of the goods. Look forward to continue dealing with you.

Frank G. Hopkins ( from Bloomfield, NJ writes:
Thank You Very Much!!! You've made a parent happy today. I originally ordered the (Justice League) 'Wave 1' set from another site and when it arrived (more than 3 months late) there were lots of duplicates & triplicates, and to top it off my son's favorite "The Flash" was missing completely. (Telling him he was away on a Justice League mission just didn't fly). After searching the net, I found that your firm had both "The Flash" and "Green Lantern" (also missing) and I happily placed my order. I have to tell you that I am impressed by both your Timeliness and Professionalism. With your permission, I have bookmarked your site for all future DC/Marvel purchases (I have 2 sons aged 6 years and 7 months, respectively, and I anticipate I'll be ordering from you a Lot). Please accept my thanks for making this purchase so easy (it couldn't have been easier if I'd walked to the neighborhood comic book store). Here's wishing you and all of the 'Go Figure' staff a Happy and Prosperous 2003.

Joe Gilstra ( from Arlington, TX writes:
I like to thank web sites that go way beyond the norm. When I ordered from your site I never expected them to come so quickly. It was truly amazing. I don't think I have ever had turnaround this fast from an online toy site before. Ever. I just wanted to say thank you. The packing was great and the speed was second to none. Wow! I really mean it. It is always a pleasure dealing with sites that are this professional. Computer operations is my job so I really appreciate a retailer that treats the customers so thoughtfully. My sincerest thanks.

Cynthia and Nigel McGraw ( from San Francisco, CA writes:
Just wanted to say that you have made one 9 year old boy very happy! (And his Mom too!) Thank you for your excellent service. We were able to order and have the Spiderman and the Green Goblin movie figures within 6 days. And we couldn't beat the price. That was a hard item to find, so I was so happy that it all worked out! My son is an action figure NUT! And just HAD to have those two. Thank you, and you have made my day!

Fabricio Mejia ( from Burnaby, B.C., Canada writes:
Hi, guys! I received my Batman action figures on time and they are pretty cool! It's my second purchase in your store and I definitely recommend this site to anyone.

Brooke Meyer ( from Malvern, PA writes:
I absolutely love this website. I shop here at least once every other month, and I always find what I need. Keep it up!

Daniel Chasse ( from Mountain Home, ID writes:
I received your package today. My 3 figures arrived safely. Thanks a million and I plan to visit the store often. It was a pleasure dealing with your company.

Jeff Walsh ( from Riverview, New Brunswick, Canada writes:
Thanks so much guys. My wife ordered two figures from you and they arrived last week. They were great and thanks so much for the great communication with her regarding the shipping, etc. I'll be sure to pass this great experience on to other figure collectors.
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