Dwalin Dwarf Balin Dwarf

Dwalin the Dwarf & Balin the Dwarf (The Hobbit)

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"A descendant of nobility and a Dwarf Lord in his own right, Balin the Dwarf is one of the oldest members of The Company of Dwarves. Wise and gentle by nature, he has been forced to live a life fraught with war and the ongoing struggle for survival. Related to Thorin Oakenshield, Balin is one of his closest, most trusted advisors - but deep in his heart, this wisest and most loyal of Dwarves harbors troubling doubts about the wisdom of the Quest for the Lonely Mountain. 3.25"" tall.

Renowned as a great Warrior, Dwalin the Dwarf speaks his mind plainly and is not one to suffer fools lightly. Fiercely loyal, he is Thorin Oakenshield's staunchest supporter with an unshakable belief in his friend's leadership. A powerful and bruising fighter, Dwalin has a natural tendency to distrust anyone who is not a Dwarf and is particularly suspicious of Elves. Proud, brave and one of the tallest of the Dwarves, Dwalin will bow to none but those who have earned his respect. 3.5"" tall."

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