Falconer Predator action figure

Falconer Predator

gray stars
"Highly skilled in engineering, Falconer Predator isn't interested in following the old Yautja traditions of the hunt. To him, the hunt must evolve, along with its tools. In his eyes the best way to do so is to observe and acquire the techniques and technology of those he hunts. As a newly successful Young Blood class Predator, Falconer Predator became intrigued by his prey that used flying creatures as a hunting tool. Not satisfied to domesticate and train such creatures on his home planet, Falconer Predator built and programmed his own deadly bird using the technology of the Yautja augmented by the technlology of Xenomorphs and other cultures he had encountered in his hunts.

8"" tall Falconer Predator features removable wrist blade and over 20 points of articulation."

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