GHOST RIDER action figures

10" Ghost Rider
Blackheart (Ghost Rider)
"Blackheart and his evil minions travel to Earth with one purpose: to bring about the End of the World! With all the powers of evil at his command, he believes he will succeed, but he never counted on the might of Ghost Rider! Features double missile firing action."
Blaze (Ghost Rider)
"Stunt cyclist John Blaze was the first man to host the Ghost Rider spirit, but eventually he overcame and suppressed it. But years after he thought himself rid of the ancient curse, he discovered that the mystical Hellfire still burned inside him! Now, armed with a weapon that channels the Hellfire, Blaze battles the dark forces that threaten the innocent. Features mystical flame firing action, flame glow-in-the-dark details and includes a custom mini comic book."
Bowen Designs Ghost Rider Mini Bust
"This is an extremely detailed porcelain sculpt of this super hero released from Bowen Designs. Mini busts come new in box, opened only to check for damage before shipping."
Flame Cycle & Ghost Rider (Super Hero Squad)
"Spring into adventure with the world's greatest collection of Super Heroes. The mightiest Marvel heroes are ready to save the day with their amazing abilities and super powers. Join the battle with the Marvel Super Hero Squad!

Pack of collectible, stylized figure and vehicle includes the indestructible motorcycle from another dimension, the Flame Cycle, and the supernatural stuntman with superhuman strength, Ghost Rider! 2.5"" scale."

Ghost Rider & Motorcycle (Marvel Legends Showdown)
"Includes super poseable action figure, vehicle with projectile launcher, missile, 6 power cards and a battle tile."
Ghost Rider (Marvel Legends)
"When innocent blood is spilled, bad-boy biker John Blaze finds himself transformed into a skeletal fire demon thundering through the night on a mystical motorcycle of pure hellfire. As Ghost Rider, he avenges just souls tarnished by the touch of evil! Besides possessing superhuman strength, speed and durability, Ghost Rider can force criminals to experience a level of emotional pain equivalent to that which they have caused in others as a result of their illegal or immoral actions."
Ghost Rider (Marvel Legends, series VII)
Ghost Rider (Marvel Universe, series 2, 030)
$29.99 $39.99
Ghost Rider (Super Hero Showdown)
"Includes super-poseable figure, power base, projectile shooter, 6 power cards and 1 battle tile."
Ghost Rider (Transformers Crossovers)
"Basing their designs on alien technology, Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man create powerful new battle suits for the heroes of Earth.

This battle suit was built specifically to take advantage of the magical energies that give Ghost Rider his powers. It is the perfect fusion of technology and sorcery, enhancing the arcane flame that Ghost Rider uses as a weapon.

This tough fighter figure is twice the trouble for enemies that try to take him on! In his ""battle suit"" mode, your Ghost Rider figure is prepared to pummel enemy forces with his powerful pop-open buzzsaw accessory. When it's time to shake up the battle a little, convert him into fast-moving motorcycle vehicle mode and send him racing into the very heart of the battle!

Thrilling figure converts from Marvel hero mode to motorcycle vehicle mode -- and back again! 6"" scale."

Ghost Rider II
"Upon witnessing innocent blood spilled, Dan Ketch finds himself tranformed into a mystical being with a flaming skull and immense power, calling itself the Spirit of Vengeance. Now, whenever innocents are in danger, Dan becomes their savior, known only as - Ghost Rider. Includes custom mini comic book and glow-in-the-dark transforming features."
Phasing Ghost Rider (Marvel Legends)
" John Blaze was orphaned when his father died performing a dangerous motorcycle stunt. Adopted by Crash Simpson, the youngster swiftly mastered the tricks of the trade. When he learned Simpson was dying of a rare blood disease, Blaze started tampering with dark forces far beyond the bounds of human comprehension. Blaze recreated an ancient ritual and bartered his immortal soul for a miracle cure. Having deceived Blaze into forfeiting his soul, the Devil materialized to claim his due. Unable to take possession of his intended bounty, Satan grafted the living flame that was the soul of the demon Zarathos to Blaze's body. Thereafter, the melding of spirits would manifest itself every nightfall in the form of Ghost Rider, who used his demonic powers to create a mystical motorcycle of pure hellfire. After a few months, his automatic nightly transformations ended. He then became Ghost Rider whenever he mystically sensed evil in the vicinity, avenging innocent lives tarnished by the touch of evil. Ghost Rider features 37 points of articulation, and includes a custom mini poster & collector wall mountable display stand."
Punisher & Ghost Rider (Super Hero Squad)
"2-3"" tall figures, non-articulated."
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