Goros Lair Figure Playset Mortal Kombat Johnny Cage Jazwares

Goro's Lair

gray stars
Prince Goro has brought much honor to the Shao Kahn race by serving Shao Kahn. His bloody achievements include crushed rebellions and conquered provinces. During the past 500 years, he has been celebrated for winning the last nine Mortal Kombat tournaments for Outworld. Should he defeat Earthrealm's champion this time, he will become more than legendary. His victory is assured. There are none in Earthrealm who can withstand the might of Goro.

Johnny Cage
There is no greater martial arts movie star than Johnny Cage. Films such as ""Dragon Fist,"" ""Time Smashers"" and ""Citizen Cage"" have made him one of the most highly paid actors in Hollywood. But there is more to Johnny than even he knows. He is a descendant of an ancient Mediterranean cult who bred warriors for the gods--warriors who possessed power beyond that of mortals. This legacy has made Johnny Cage a star. More important, it will aid him in the battle to come.

Goro stands at 4.75"" tall and Johnny Cage at 4""."

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