Grey Hulk Silver Age Previews Exclusive action figure

Grey Hulk (Silver Age)

gray stars
Meet Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, a nuclear physicist working for the United States Defense Department. Dr. Banner desinged a Gamma Bomb, a weapon that emitted a high output of gamma radiation. During the testing of the bomb, Dr. Banner attempted to rescue a civilian who had wandered onto the test site. Banner was caught in the blast and thanks to an unknown genetic factor, was transformed into a grey-skinned behemoth known as the Hulk. The meek and timid Banner, when enraged, changes into the unstoppable Hulk. Possessing unearthly strength, the Hulk can easily lift 70 tons. While in Hulk form, he is nearly impervious to harm as well. Make no mistake, the Hulk more than lives up to his name and has yet to meet his equal in sheer brute force.

6" tall.

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