Gung Ho vs Copperhead Rise Cobra action figures

Gung Ho vs. Copperhead (The Rise of Cobra,Walmart Exclusive)

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With the Gi Joe The Rise Of Cobra Gung Ho and Copperhead, the two can battle it out with their cool weapons and combat accessories. Gung Ho is a Marine and a member of the elite G.I. Joe team. Copperhead pilots watercraft for Cobra and can escape from anyone with a combination of speed, skill and sheer bravado. Gi Joe The Rise Of Cobra Gung Ho and Copperhead are so well-matched, you'll have to send them into skirmishes again and again.

Includes highly-detailed Gung Ho and Copperhead action figures.

Each figure comes with combat gear and weapons accessories, plus an Arashikage tattoo and stickers.