Hulk Marvel Universe series 4 009 Action Figure Hasbro

Hulk (Marvel Universe, series 4, 009)

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HULK smashes. HULK crashes. HULK is an unstoppable mass of muscle and green-skinned fury. He bears little resemblance to his alter ego (the mild-mannered Bruce Banner) save for the selfless scientist's tattered pants. While HULK fights for good, his unpredictability and sheer strength make him a big-time annoyance to the world's governing bodies. Bring a truly muscle-bound hero into your crime-fighting adventures with this incredible HULK figure! He's detailed to look just like the mean, green, destructo-machine, and he's ready to take on whatever you throw at him! Get a collectible comic shot along with your HULK figure. He's one tough hero, so send him into battle after battle! 4" scale figure comes with collectible comic shot.
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