Hulkbuster Iron Man 2 Comic Series 27 action figure

Hulkbuster Iron Man 2 (27)

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Tony Stark is always thinking ahead about how best to protect the Earth. One of the dangers that has preoccupied him for years is that posed by the Hulk. Stark built the Hulkbuster Iron Man armor, an immensely powerful suit designed specifically to take down the Hulk and prevent him from threatening the planet.

Prepare to fight for the fate of the world, with a will of steel and a suit of "iron"! Throw your Hulkbuster Iron Man figure right into the middle of the action this villain has more than enough power to defeat most opponents. But has he got enough to defeat the Iron Man character? (Additional figures sold separately.) There's only one way to tell make the battle happen!

4.5" tall figure comes with 3 Armor Cards and display stand.

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