Ice Attack Marvels Frost Giant Deluxe Thor Movie action figure

Ice Attack Marvel's Frost Giant (deluxe)

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"Hailing from the cold, war-torn city of Jotunheim, the Frost Giant is a dangerous enemy to the citizens of Asgard. This foe is armed with all kinds of weapons and is ready to take the power of Thor head-on. With his frost helmet, the Frost Giant is almost invincible to any harm that may come his way. Even the most heroic fighters will have a hard time defeating you and your Deluxe Ice Attack Marvel's Ice Giant figure! When the good guys try to take you on, engage them in ""hand-to-hand"" combat with your fearsome figure. Then, when they're least expecting it, make your figure shoot his ""ice"" missile! With that kind of firepower, your victory is almost certain! Figure comes with launching ""ice"" missile."
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