Iron Man Divebomb Mission 01 Avengers action figure

Iron Man Divebomb Mission 01 (Avengers)

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"IRON MAN has developed a number of armor modules that allow him to customize to specific mission needs. His most recent invention allows him to blast through the upper atmosphere at ultrasonic speeds, and packs enough firepower to take out even the toughest enemy bunker. It's time for another death-defying mission with your IRON MAN Divebomb Mission figure! Your IRON MAN figure has the signature armor of the amazing hero. But for this mission, he also has an armor module that you can snap on and send him ""soaring"" through the air to divebomb his enemies! Load the 4 launching discs into the module so that he has the firepower to do maximum damage from the air. Get your IRON MAN figure ready to ""take to the air"" for his next mission! Comic Series 01 IRON MAN Divebomb Mission 4"" tall figure comes with accessory and 4 launching discs."
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