Ivan Whiplash Vanko 14 Iron Man 2 Movie Series action figure

Ivan "Whiplash" Vanko (14)

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Mad genius Ivan Vanko has a long-standing grudge against Tony Stark. As a result, he is determined to destroy Iron Man. To that end, he built his own powerful weapon system using stolen Stark technology to launch an overwhelming assault on the armored hero.

Prepare to take over the world, with a will of steel and an evil genius plan! Throw your Ivan "Whiplash" Vanko figure and his poseable whip accessories right into the middle of the action -- this villain has enough power to defeat almost any enemy. But when he's up against his ultimate opponent, the tables could turn at any moment! Only you can decide who'll win in a true battle of "whips" versus "metal"

Figure comes with poseable whip accessories, three Armor Cards and a display stand.