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Limited Edition Hulk (Marvel Legends)

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Pursued for years and driven to the ends of the Earth, Dr. Bruce Banner carries the burden of his secret dark side. A lab accident exposed him to gamma radiation that unlocked something dark within, a primal force of rage so powerful that, in times of great stress, it alters his mind and body into the monstrous creature known as The Hulk! Responsible for untold destruction, The Hulk is a curse Banner chooses to bear alone. While seeking ways to control his emotions, he is tirelessly searching for a cure. But the stress and anger of everyday life are a constant threat. No matter what Banner does, The Hulk is always with him. Where The Hulk goes, destruction follows! 6" tall.

Height: 9'
Weight: 1,400 lbs.
Real Name: Dr. Robert Bruce Banner
Identity: Secret
Alias: none
Affiliation: none
Powers: Superhuman strength, Indestructibility

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