Mandalorian Warrior CW29 Action Figure Star Wars Clone Wars

Mandalorian Warrior (CW29)

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"Dissatisfied by Mandalore's official policy of pacifism, many Mandalorian warriors have joined a secret organization known as the Death Watch. Wearing armor reminiscent of ancient Mandalorian warriors, members of the Death Watch seek to bring back Mandalore's warrior traditions. They secretly meet with Pre Vizsla, their leader, to plot the overthrow of Mandalore's rightful government.

An ""intergalactic"" battle is raging - and you and your Mandalorian Warrior action figure are about to enter the fray! Arm your warrior with his firing backpack launcher so that he's ready to charge into combat against his fiercest enemies. Whether fighting for the fate of the universe or standing at attention in your collection, this awesome action figure puts all of the excitement of the Star Wars saga right in the palm of your hand!

3.75"" scale figure comes with a firing backpack launcher, Galactic Battle Game card, battle base and game die."

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