Mark VI Red Vortex Vehicle With Iron Man Action Figure 2 Launching Missiles

Mark VI Red Vortex (Iron Man 2)

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"Iron Man built this car himself to outrun and outfight anything else on the road. Twin turbine engines send it rocketing down the road, while armor plating and powerful missiles give it teeth. What makes it truly powerful, though, is the armored hero behind the wheel.

When your Iron Man figure has the need for speed, this Mark IV Red Vortex racecar vehicle is the perfect choice! No matter what enemies he has to take on, your ""metal clad"" warrior's speed demon vehicle is sure to chase them down in no time. And when it does, ""blast off"" the fenders for battle mode and fire the two missile accessories. Even in the ""air"" this ""high tech"" marvel can't be matched, because the fenders become jet boosters that attach to your Iron Man figure and send him ""flying"" with more power than ever!

Vehicle comes with 4"" scale Iron Man figure and two missile accessories."

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