MARVEL (Select) action figures

Toy Biz and Diamond Select have joined forces to present Marvel Select: an ongoing program of original Marvel action figures designed exclusively for the comics specialty market.
Abomination (Marvel Select)
"One of the few beings on Earth capable of defeating the Incredible Hulk, the Abomination was created using the same technology that transformed Bruce Banner. Instead of regulating his exposure though, KGB Agent Emil Blonsky deliberately absorbed much more gamma radiation than the Hulk and transformed into a near-unstoppable creature with enhanced stamina, speed, regenerative properties and strength nearly double that of the Hulk.

Includes a highly detailed display base. 9"" tall."

Black Widow 2 (Marvel Select)
"The second woman to claim the mantle of Black Widow, Yelena Belova is also a graduate of the Moscow-based covert-training academy known as the Red Room. Hostile to her predecessor Natasha Romanov, Yelena has been conditioned to believe that the designation is hers by right. A child playing an adult's game- Yelena is easily tricked and far too trusting. Her superiors in the GRU wield her like a weapon, playing on her patriotism and her love of Mother Russia. Yelena's physical strength and stamina is equal to that of an Olympic athlete. She is also a master martial artist and has extensive espionage training. Hungry and passionate, Yelena has not forgotten what the Black Widow should be at her core: a spy. 7"" scale."
Captain America #34 (Marvel Select)
"Featuring the birth of a new legend, the next piece in the illustrious Marvel Select line is none other than the all-new Captain America! Showcased in Captain America #34, join James Buchanan ""Bucky"" Barnes as he picks up where Steve Rogers left off and proves that no matter what, Captain America can never die. Sculpted by Sam Greenwell and featuring 14 points of articulation, this seven-inch hero also includes a gargoyle rooftop base perfect for wall or shelf display!"
Captain America (Marvel Select)
"A Diamond Select Release! Toy Biz and Diamond Select join forces to take a crack at the first character from the runaway Marvel hit, The Ultimates! Sculpted by Shawn Nagle, this new action figure measures 7"" in height and is based on the 1945-look of Captain America as featured in the first issue of The Ultimates. The figure comes complete with a brick wall base, an American flag, and a removable helmet and bandolier. Highly detailed and featuring limited articulation, this figure will not be available in mass-market outlets, and is meant for the discriminating Marvel collector. All Marvel Select figures are in scale with one another and can be displayed with other Marvel Select figure accessories if desired. Captain America is the fourth figure in Diamond Select's line of monthly specialty market figures! Deluxe blister card packaging."
Days of Future Past Wolverine (Marvel Select)
"In a future world torn apart by hatred of all mutants, Wolverine is one of the few remaining X-Men able to continue the fight against the Sentinels. Now older and wiser, Wolverine helps a mature Katherine Pryde travel back in time to restore the world to its rightful path. Featuring deluxe blister card packaging, this latest Marvel Select release is in scale with past releases and includes a Wanted poster base with Kitty Pryde phasing through. 6"" scale."
Elektra (Marvel Select)
"Assassin. Lover. Enigma. Driven by tragedy and honed by training, the femme fatale known as Elektra kills for hire, lives for thrills...and leaves destruction in her wake! Although she possesses no superhuman abilities, Elektra is a consummate practitioner of the martial arts. She has mastered the skills of the ancient ninja of Japan, and an Olympic-level athlete and gymnast. Elektra wields a pair of three-pronged daggers, or sai. Also, she is proficient in the use of various martial-arts weaponry. 6"" tall, includes highly detailed display base."
First Appearance Sabretooth (Marvel Select)
$40.99 $53.99
"Based on the character's debut in the pages of Iron Fist, Wolverine's most dangerous villain is back in the form of this Marvel Select First Appearance Sabretooth action figure. Standing over seven inches tall with multiple points of articulation, this exclusive release captures the raw and savage nature of the beast best known for his unrelenting torment of his former partner Wolverine!"
Gambit (Marvel Select)
"A Diamond Select Release! Sculpted by Jean St. Jean! The ranks of the best-selling Marvel Select line continue to expand with the welcome addition of the long-awaited Cajun mutant, Gambit! While his debut was shrouded in mystery, he quickly became one of the most popular members of the X-Men! Featuring Marvel Select's standard 16 points of articulation, as well as multiple hands and accessories, Gambit comes with a similarly themed Danger Room base like Cyclops, allowing collectors to create a mini diorama! 7.25"" scale."
Green Goblin (Marvel Select)
$49.99 $74.99
"Toy Biz and Diamond Select bring to life one of the biggest moments in Spider-Man lore - the unmasking of the web-slinger at the hands of his greatest foe! Straight from the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #39 comes the next Marvel Select action figure, The Green Goblin! Featuring 12 points of articulation, the Green Goblin includes a detachable pumpkin bomb and bomb satchel, Goblin Glider with stand, and a 6.5"" tall Peter Parker/Spider-Man victim accessory figure."

Phoenix (Marvel Select)
"One of the first mutants recruited by Professor Charles Xavier, Jean Grey has been an anchor of the X-Men since the team's inception. Tempering telepathy and telekinesis with warmth and compassion, Jean has overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges -- rising from the ashes of her apparent death like a Phoenix to stand in defense of a world on the brink of genetic war! Now 150 years in the future, Jean and the Phoenix Force have been revived once again, but this time as an instrument of war that the maniacal Beast is waging against all of humanity! 7"" scale."
Phoenix (Marvel Select, fiery)
She-Hulk (Marvel Select)
"Caught in the crossfire of a criminal conspiracy, victim of a tainted blood transfusion, lawyer Jennifer Walters found herself transformed into the uninhibited personification of her repressed longing for a life of adventure. The most powerful woman ever to walk the face of the Earth, She-Hulk retains her normal intelligence and personality. She-Hulk possesses superhuman strength and can press at least 75 tons. By and large, She-Hulk is impervious to injury, pain and disease: Her skin is able to withstand extremes of temperature, as well as tremendous stresses and impacts without puncture wounds or lacerations. She-Hulk's highly efficient physiology renders her immune to all terrestrial diseases. This 6"" scale, Wizard World Tour Fan's Choice action figure includes a highly detailed display base."
Spider-Man (Marvel Select)
Special collector edition action figure with highly detailed base!
Spider-Woman (Marvel Select)
"Her genetic code accidentally combined with that of a rare breed of spider, Jessica Drew was duped into serving evil as a Hydra assassin. As Arachne, Jessica attacked S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury, who revealed Hydra's true nature and won her to the side of justice. Adopting the codename Spider-Woman, she subsequently embarked on a career as a costumed heroine. Jessica now wields her superhuman strength and bioelectric blasts as a member of the Avengers, Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Includes a highly detailed display base."
The Incredible Hulk (Marvel Select)
"From the pages of the Incredible Hulk comes this Marvel Select action figure featuring the jade giant himself! This massive eight-inch behemoth includes fourteen points of articulation and a deluxe rubble base showcasing the aftereffects of a Hulk-attack! Sculpted by Gabriel Marquez, each rampaging Hulk figure brings a world-shaking mainstay of the Marvel Universe to stores just in time for the big screen sequel! 10"" tall."
Thor (Marvel Select)
"Once content to serve as the protector of Earth's many peoples, the Mighty Thor returned to his mythical home of Asgard only to find his fellow gods facing the prophesied Ragnarok - the end of all that is. Though the battle was long, Asgard disappeared from the world and all were thought lost..until a young doctor named Donald Blake discovered the power of Thor within himself. With the old gods returning and Asgard rebuilt over Oklahoma, the futures of both the godly Asgard and the human Midgard are forever bound to the Mighty Thor!

6"" tall figure includes highly detailed display base."

Ultimate Iron Man (Marvel Select)
"Tony Stark is Iron Man. With his Irontech armor, a revolutionary mixture of biochemical engineering and robotics, Tony Stark has figured out a way to save his own life from a degenerative brain tumor while at the same time giving him amazing powers. Even though the world knows Tony Stark is Iron Man, no one knows how he does it--for Tony Stark will never sell his amazing Irontech invention for fear that it will be used as a weapon of mass destruction. That is the price and the responsibility of being the red and golden knight of a modern time.

10"" tall."

Ultimate Wolverine (Marvel Select)
"An assassin, Wolverine is a product of the mysterious Weapon X program - later serving as a member of Magneto's Brotherhood. Sent to assassinate Professor X, Wolverine joined the X-Men as a mole. While Wolverine lived in the X-Mansion something happened, something shifted inside him. The dream seeped in - the dream for peace between man and mutant. He believed it. He wanted to follow it. And he believed in something else: his deep attraction to Marvel Girl. Abandoning the Brotherhood, Wolverine took up Xavier's cause. 6"" scale."
Winter Soldier (Marvel Select)
$69.99 $93.99
"Captain America's wartime buddy James Buchanan ""Bucky"" Barnes emerges from his cryogenic storage to heat things up as the Winter Soldier. This finely detailed action figure features 16 points of articulation and display base. Sculpted by Jean St. Jean."
Zombie Hulk (Marvel Select)
"Based on the best-selling miniseries, Marvel Zombies are invading Marvel Select continuing with everyone's favorite green giant, the Incredible Hulk! Designed by Marvel Toys and sculpted by Dig Deep Entertainment, Zombie Hulk combines an endless hunger with decaying flesh as only a zombie can! Each Marvel Zombies figure released will also include a detailed base complete with pieces of the doomed Silver Surfer! 9"" tall."
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