Megatron Figure Movie Leader Transformers Automorph

Megatron (Movie Leader)

gray stars
Hidden among us, alien machines of incredible power fight their ancient battle for the AllSpark. They are. . .THE TRANSFORMERS! Frozen in Antarctic ice for hundreds of years, MEGATRON is finally free, and his might will make the Earth quake, the stars fall from the sky, and the very pillars of heaven shake. As the most dangerous TRANSFORMERS robot ever to stalk the galaxy, he has no known weaknesses and only one purpose to capture the AllSpark and rule the Universe. Nothing neither the humans' armies or his ancient enemy OPTIMUS PRIME can stand in his way!

Get ready to rule the universe with this awesome MEGATRON figure that features Advanced AUTOMORPH Technology! This TRANSFORMERS technology is designed to enhance vehicle-to-robot conversion with partially animated mechanical triggers that activate the final shift to battle mode. See armor slide to protect vital points! This automatic conversion triggers lights and sounds. Robot mode also features a launching rocket claw that becomes a chain whip, and arms that combine to create a fusion cannon! CYBERTRON jet vehicle mode has electronic horn sounds and lights that add to the excitement!

12" tall.

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