Night Raven Air-Viper v1 Rise Cobra action figure

Night Raven with Air-Viper v1 (The Rise of Cobra)

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"M.A.R.S. Industries has developed an advanced hypersonic high-altitude attach and reconnaissance aircraft to rule the skies. Supremely fast and powerful, the suborbital NIGHT RAVEN cruises at a top speed of Mach 6 and deploys stealth technology, making it undetectable to even the most sophisticated tracking systems. Equipped with twin rotary launchers, the NIGHT RAVEN strikes its targets with infrared-guided IRG-42X missiles.

Rip-roaring adventure is coming your way, by way of this tough and ready-for-anything NIGHT RAVEN aircraft with electronic lights and sounds! Lower the handle so you can “fly” this jet vehicle, put the AIR-VIPER figure in the cockpit and check your retractable landing gear. Then, zoom off and prepare to use this aircraft’s lock-and-load firing action and two rotating 6-missile launchers against unsuspecting opposing forces on the ground!

- Intense and intimidating NIGHT RAVEN aircraft features electronic lights and sounds, a lowering handle, lock-and-load firing action, two rotating 6-missile accessory launchers, a drop-down cockpit for pilot access, and retractable landing gear to create all kinds of havoc as it flies toward its destination!
- Includes AIR-VIPER action figure.
- Requires 3 “AA” batteries (not included)."

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