Planet Hulk Action Figure Marvel Legends Annihilus Series

Planet Hulk (Marvel Legends)

gray stars
Blasted away from Earth by a conspiracy of Earth's heroes and S.H.I.E.L.D., the Hulk falls through a wormhole and arrives on the planet Sakaar - a savage world of barbarian tribes ruled by a corrupt Empire. He gladly enters the gladiatorial arenas of Sakaar, accepting all the benefits that victory entails. Known as "Green Scar," he gathers around himself a trusted cabal of warriors, each sworn to the other. Disgusted by the fear and hatred of those weaker than himself, Hulk is done with peace, done with justice, done with heroism. Now, he fights for glory, and for the lives of his warbound brothers in the arena. 6" scale Hulk includes the head of Annihilus.
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