The Dark Knight vs Joker honor guard disguise, DC Universe

The Dark Knight vs The Joker in honor guard disguise, DC Universe

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The Joker (Honor Guard Disguise)
Will The Joker make good on his promise to assassinate the mayor of Gotham City? Disguised as a member of the police Honor Guard, Batman's newest enemy easily slips into the crowd of policemen at the funeral of Commissioner Loeb, where a vulnerable Mayor Garcia delivers the eulogy. As the guards raise their rifles and fire the honorary shots, Gotham City's psychotic new nemesis turns to the podium and takes aim at the Mayor of Gotham City.

The Dark Knight
After establishing himself as the masked vigilante of Gotham City - and inspiring a legion of copycats - The Dark Knight becomes a target of both the Gotham City police department and the city's new ultra-villain, The Joker. Now, as Batman continues his battle to tear down the crime syndicates of Gotham City, he turns to Lucius Fox, Wayne Enterprise's new CEO, to develop an updated Batsuit - one that gives Batman greater flexibility and agility.