Green Lantern vs Zodac Toys R Us Exclusive

Green Lantern vs. Zodac (Toys R Us Exclusive)

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Green Lantern Cosmic Crusader:
While training in a flight simulator, test pilot Hal Jordan was suddenly transported to the crash site of an alien spacecraft. The injured pilot passed on to Jordan his green ring and his uniform. The ring allowed him to make real anything that he could imagine, from flying unaided through space to lifting mountains. With it, Joran, chosen by the ring itself because of his fearlessness, must fight evil as a member of the Green Lantern corps.

Zodac Cosmic Enforcer:
Once a member of Eternia's Council of Elders, Zodac chose to retain his human form and left Eternia after Grayskull's demise. Finding peace among the stars, Zodac was recruited by the Overlords of Trolla to become a Cosmic Enforcer, beings tasked with maintaining neutrality throughout the universe. Although he no longer calls Eternia home, the constant struggle over the Power Sword has often called him back to his native planet to maintain the eternal balance between good and evil.

6"-7" tall figures, includes an exclusive mini-poster.

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