Robin Joker DC Universe, Legacy Edition, Arkham City

Robin & The Joker (DC Universe, Legacy Edition, Arkham City)

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Shrouded in secrecy, Robin prowls the streets of Arkham City as one of Batman's few trusted allies. Born with a brilliant mind, capable of keen detective work, Gotham City student Tim Drake was able to deduce the true identities of Batman and his protege, Robin, ultimately becoming the next Boy Wonder. Trained in hand-to-hand combat by The Dark Knight himself, Robin uses an arsenal of advanced technology and high-powered weapons to help battle the criminals of Arkham City.

The Joker:
Rumors swirl through the blood-stained streets of Arkham City: Is The Joker too sick to cause his trademark chaos? Indeed, eyewitnesses claim the Clown Prince of Crime is suffering from a serious disease - perhaps caused by his titan overdose on Arkham Island. Yet, the murderous maniac continues his reign of fear, with loyal follower Harley Quinn doling out his evil bidding. Now, throughout Arkham City, depraved villains swear they have spotted Batman's arch-nemesis, The Joker. Or have they?

Each are 6.5" tall.