Iron Man Firestrike Assault Jet Avengers

Iron Man Firestrike Assault Jet (Avengers)

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"Powered by the same type of ARC reactor that grants the IRON MAN armor such amazing abilities, the FIRESTRIKE ASSAULT JET is whisper quiet and devastatingly powerful. With a mighty payload of repulsor missiles, and energy shields based on the IRON MAN armor's own, it is an unstoppable aerial force! Get ready to take the battle to new heights with your IRON MAN FIRESTRIKE ASSAULT JET vehicle! Open the cockpit and sit your pilot inside. Give your turbo engines a spin, and head for the ""skies"" - then take out your target with your jet's launching missiles. When your mission is over, deploy the jet's landing gear and head home to gear up for the next fight. 4"" tall figure comes with 11"" long vehicle, blaster turret, 2 missiles and 6 fins."
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