Rocket Grenade Captain America 04 Avengers

Rocket Grenade Captain America 04 (Avengers)

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"It wasn't just Dr. Erskine's serum that made Steve Rogers unstoppable on the battlefield. He also had access to the most advanced technology in the world. His enhanced strength made him able to handle weapons too powerful for a normal man, and his superior senses let him strike with uncanny accuracy. This is CAPTAIN AMERICA like you've never seen him before! The Rocket Grenade CAPTAIN AMERICA figure looks just like the same patriotic hero you've always admired. But this CAPTAIN AMERICA figure has different enemies, and that calls for a whole new type of weapon. He has his signature shield - and also a missile launcher with a blast shield that fires a missile accessory! He's ready for anything and your Rocket Grenade CAPTAIN AMERICA figure will take your battles to the next level! Concept Series 04 Rocket Grenade CAPTAIN AMERICA Figure comes with shield, weapon accessory and projectile."
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