Furyfire Assault Cycle Avengers, Battle Chargers

Furyfire Assault Cycle (Avengers, Battle Chargers)

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When evil is on the run, CAPTAIN AMERICA chases it on this specially modified motorcycle. A superb rider, there is not a situation too dangerous or a location too remote for the first Avenger and his FURYFIRE ASSAULT CYCLE! Get the patriotic awesomeness of CAPTAIN AMERICA with the speed and firepower of the Furyfire Assault Cycle! You can send this fast-moving cycle vehicle over any kind of terrain. When the attached CAPTAIN AMERICA figure sees danger ahead, fire the missile from the attached minigun on the side! Go mobile for all your MARVEL THE AVENGERS adventures with your CAPTAIN AMERICA figure on the Furyfire Assault Cycle! Vehicle comes with 4" tall figure and missile.