Imperial AT-ST Speeder Bike

Imperial AT-ST & Speeder Bike

gray stars
"To destroy the second Death Star, the Rebels need to gain control of the shield generator on Endor. Just before the battle begins, the wily Ewok, Paploo, commandeers an Imperial speeder bike and creates a diversion that enables the rebel strike team to infiltrate the bunker. The Rebel team, led by Han Solo and Princess Leia, is soon surrounded by Emperor Palpatine's finest troops and pinned down by an Imperial AT-ST. Just when it looks as if the Rebels will be beaten, the Ewoks ambush the Imperial army in a pivotal battle between the technological brawn of the Empire and the organic resourcefulness of the Ewok tribe.

AT-ST features opening hatch to command cabin (holds 1 figure), light blaster cannon that rotates a full 360 degrees, twin blaster cannons and stomping legs.

Speeder bike features flip-up thrust flaps, pivoting maneuver controls, positionable altitude controls, swiveling blaster cannon and an exclusive Ewok Paploo action figure!"

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