Maximum Carnage vs Venom 2-Pack

Maximum Carnage vs. Venom 2-Pack

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"Of all Spider-Man's foes, Carnage is perhaps the most dangerous, the most feared! Criminal Cletus Kasady shared a prison cell with Eddie Brock (better known as the Lethal Protector, Venom)--that is, until Brock's symbiote freed its human host. However, Venom left behind a fragment of his alien costume, which bonded with Kasady...creating the sinister menace known as Carnage! Weapon arm with snap-on wrist accessory included!

Eddie Brock, former newspaper reporter, has joined with an evil alien symbiote, giving him spider-like powers greater than those of Spider-Man himself! Driven by a twisted sense of justice, Brock has become Venom, humanity's Lethal Protector...and he's decided that humanity needs protection from Spider-Man! Features jaw chomping action!

Includes bonus collector pin!"
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