Skullsplitter repaint

Skullsplitter (repaint)

gray stars
"Jorvak the Skullsplitter - named for his favorite deadly battle tactic - led a band of rogue warriors. Though foul-tempered, Jorvak had known Erik Bloodaxe since childhood, where they fought mock battles as children do. But childish taunts turned to deep hatred when Erik stole the heart of a young woman and humiliated Jorvak before all the surrounding villages. Fleeing to the surrounding hills, Jorvak prayed for redemption. But legend says he prayed not to Odin, but to Loki, the god of michief and deceit. Loki granted Jorvak's desire in a devil's pact: Revenge on Bloodaxe in return for an eternity of service. When the deal was done, Jorvak became simply Skullsplitter, a being with the body of a man and a horned demon's head."
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