Spider-Man vs Strider

Spider-Man vs. Strider

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"When Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, he gained its proportionate speed, agility and strength and took up the crime fighting mantle of Spider-Man. With the ability to climb walls and armed with an uncanny ""Spider-Sense"" which alerts Spider-Man of danger, this fun-loving and carefree hero always keeps a cool head during the heat of combat.

Strider is a proud warrior from an elite clan of Ninja known and feared throughout the Capcom Galaxy. Strider is an honorable fighter whose mind and body have been trained to physical perfection. Strider is a master of both ancient martial arts and highly technological training, yet he prefers the grace and simplicity of his plamsa sword and sickle. Strider masks his identity behind the blood-red scarf that marks him as a lethal member of the most elite Ninja cadre. Is Strider's battle-honed body a match for Spider-Man's speed and dexterity? Can Spider-Man's web shield withstand Strider's sword slash? The fate of two universes hangs in the balance as these valiant warriors clash."

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