Capt Jack Sparrow mouth closed

Capt. Jack Sparrow (mouth closed)

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" Jack Sparrow, captain of the Black Pearl, until his mutinous first mate Barbossa left him all alone on a tiny island in the middle of the Caribbean. After a miraculous escape, Jack sets out to find the Black Pearl, with his search leading him to the British territory, Port Royal. A run in with the British Royal Navy, a duel with the blacksmith's apprentice, and a pirate siege on the town later, Jack finds himself commandeering (nautical term) the Interceptor with Will Turner. He picks up a crew in Tartooga and follows the Pearl to Isla de Muerta to confront the current captain, Barbossa. After a grueling duel and a date with the gallows, Jack finally gets the Black Pearl back and leaves everyone saying ""That's got to be the best pirate I've ever seen."" 7"" Capt. Jack Sparrow includes cutlass, rum bottle, compass, pistol, & hat."
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