Flaming Ringwraith Trilogy

Flaming Ringwraith (Trilogy)

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"Once great kings of Men, the Nazgul were corrupted by the magic rings given to them by Sauron the Dark Lord. Now formless and frightening specters, they are slaves to the will of the Dark Lord who sends them out to scour Middle-earth for the One Ring. At Weathertop these accursed beings overtake Frodo and his companions, hoping to steal from him the Ring that he possesses. But the Hobbits are far from defenseless, for out of the shadows springs Aragorn, who, wielding nought but his sword and a fiery brand, resists the paralyzing fear exuded by the Wraiths and fearlessley defends his charges. Time and again the Ranger's sword clashes with the Wraiths', and the flames of his torch engulf their dull robes sending them screaming into the night. Features light-up flames."
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